Our mission, at FFHC, is to enrich each and every life through health education. That begins with every life we encounter. Whether it's our clients, our veterans, our staff or the community in which we operate and those who are yet to come; we believe that it's our duty to do all we can for those whom done so much for us.

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Get Involved

We offer care solutions of superior quality.
At F.F. Veterans Holistic Services, our volunteers make a big difference as members of our support team. They apply their skills in ways that nurture and support the quality of life of our clients. Our volunteers are essential people who provide an ongoing connection with us. We believe that our volunteers are our strongest foundation for us to accomplish our goals and objectives, able to reach out and touch lives in the community, and meet the needs of our local clients. By becoming our volunteer, you can gain personal fulfillment knowing that you have changed another person’s life. Contact us today if you are interested in sharing the same aspirations with us.

Our Service Projects