Disability Compensation

Many of our veterans have suffered from disabilities caused during active duty. When one does not know what is out there to help them and/or their family, stress can rise to a new level. Below are some facts on disability compensation to help put your mind at ease. At the end is a link that you can visit to learn a bit more about this benefit, and there is a second link you can visit to apply for these benefits.

Disability Compensation Facts

• There is compensation available for a disability or disabilities that were caused by or were worsened by injuries or diseases during the following
o Active Duty
o Active Duty Training
o Inactive Duty Training
• This benefit is tax-free
• Compensation Pay:
o Depending on how disabled, the pay ranges from $133 – $3,068 per month
o Additional pay may be given if certain circumstances are at play
 Loss of limb(s)
 If you have a spouse, children, or dependent parent(s)
 If you have a seriously disabled spouse
• To learn more about this benefit, you can visit: http://www.veteransaidbenefit.org/service_conected_disabilities.htm
• To apply for this benefit, you can visit: www.ebenefits.va.gov.

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